Weekend Reading: From John Maynard Keynes (1919): The Economic Consequences of the Peace
Weekend Reading: John Maynard Keynes (1925): Am I a Liberal?

Comment of the DaySkahammer: I think the game changed with the election of Obama: "I resisted this conclusion through his first term because it seemed so reductive...

...But his second term has convinced me that the Republican electorate just won't tolerate any compromise with an Executive Branch headed by a black man. That's what the congressional GOP's do-nothing policy is based on: Fear that their constituents will punish them for appearing to give a black man the ultimate upper hand on them. That's why the govt was shut down, why the ACA was targeted fifty-odd times by attempts at defunding, why the currently operating 'budget framework' doesn't include an actual budget bill being submitted with the usual fanfare for the president's signature.

Now the question is: Will this do-nothing game continue with a woman heading the Executive Branch? In the current climate, the Dems' best strategy isn't to find bipartisan compromises with the GOP — it's to wait for the GOP electorate to wither (or drift) away. Electing and re-electing HRC will almost certainly result in enough attrition to end the GOP's majority-party status in this country. Dems who aren't excited about the prospect of electing HRC have priorities that I don't recognize.