Donald Trump sources $6M worth of campaign expenditures from companies he and his family own / Boing Boing

Live from the Republicans' Self-Made Gehenna: Cory Doctorow: Donald Trump Sources $6M of Campaign Expenditures from Companies He and His Family Own: "Michael Bloomberg and Steve Forbes... firewall their own companies off from their campaigns...

...demonstrating a basic care about the appearance of conflict of interest--not so Donald Trump.... Over $6,000,000 in campaign expenditures so far have been made to Trump companies, and more have been made with companies entangled with his immediate family (for example, he bought $4.7M worth of made-in-China 'Make America Great' merch from Ace Specialties, a company owned by a board member of his son's 'charitable foundation').... In addition, he's loaned his campaign $46M, which he is permitted to pay back with donor funds (though he claims he won't do this).

'Why would donors give money when the first dollars go to help a billionaire buy products from his own company?' Spies asked. The biggest payment to a Trump company is $4.6 million to TAG Air, the holding company of his airplanes. His campaign headquarters is at Trump Tower in New York. The campaign has paid about $520,000 in rent and utilities to Trump Tower Commercial LLC and to Trump Corporation.

For events, he often uses his own properties. The campaign paid out $26,000 in January to rent a facility at Trump National Doral, his golf course in Miami. He'd held an event in the gold-accented ballroom there in late October. The campaign spent another $11,000 on Trump's hotel in Chicago. Even refreshments have a Trump tie. About $5,000 from the campaign went to Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which offers Virginia wines bearing the bold letters of Trump.