Links for the Week of June 26, 2016

Live from the British Conservatives' Self-Made Gehenna: The Full English Brexit:

  • George Soros: Brexit: "All of us who believe in the values and principles that the EU was designed to uphold must band together to save it by thoroughly reconstructing it. I am convinced that as the consequences of Brexit unfold in the weeks and months ahead, more and more people will join us."
  • Chris Patten: Brexit: "one of Churchill’s more famous aphorisms: ‘The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it’.... Many ‘Leave’ voters may not.... But the young Britons who voted overwhelmingly to remain a part of Europe almost certainly will."
  • Ken Rogoff: Brexit: "This isn’t democracy; it is Russian roulette for republics. A decision of enormous consequence--far greater even than amending a country’s constitution (of course, the United Kingdom lacks a written one)--has been made without any appropriate checks and balances."
  • Mark Leonard: Brexit: "Handing power back to the masses through direct democracy... is a nightmare... for democratic governance.... California’s experience... has shown the public will often vote for contradictory things.... [And] for the EU, this dynamic is exponentially more challenging."
  • Harold James: Brexit: "The vote for Brexit was driven by the sense that political and economic the ‘elites’ were both corrupt and wrong about the likely consequences. That hypothesis is about to be tested--and against a background of mistrust and division, no less."
  • Carl Bildt: Brexit: "the UK’s national political landscape is in ruins.... The Labour Party is inert under a nostalgic leftist leadership; and the Liberal Democrats have... left the scene.... Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland... has said that another referendum on Scottish independence is ‘highly likely,’ calling the removal of Scotland from the EU ‘democratically unacceptable.’"