Procrastinating on June 29, 2016

Live from the Self-Made Gehenna of Westminster Palace: Both major British parties--hell, the LibDems too--are now officially more dysfunctional than the U.S. Republican Party:

Iain Martin: How Boris Was Done in by a "Cuckoo in the Nest" Plot: "Even those of us who write about how ruthless the Tory party is...

Heather Stewart and Jessica Algot: Boris Johnson Rules Himself Out of Tory Leadership Race : "Michael Gove... had been chairing Johnson’s leadership campaign, after the two men worked shoulder to shoulder in the campaign for Britain to leave the EU. But with just hours to go before formal nominations closed... Gove announced that he no longer believed Johnson was the right man for the job, and that he would launch his own bid to be the next prime minister..."