Procrastinating on July 29, 2016

Comment of the Day: Jorgenson: Not a Legacy:

It is not a legacy he inherited. It is a reality built by all those Republicans who thought they could "ride the tiger" of white resentment.

Roy is more perpetrator than victim.

Marco Rubio is no loss to the world of politics. He is just another Republican who has no moral compass - ten minutes of reading about his finances will tell you that.

The most interesting show in politics over the next six weeks is going to be Trump and the Republican establishment putting together the election platform:

  1. Trump: "so tell me about the plan to replace ObamaCare". Paul Ryan: "We do not have one."

  2. Paul Ryan: "We have to cut middle class entitlements to social security and medicare" Trump: "are you f*g Nuts?"

I'd pay for a ticket to watch that circus.