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Comment of the Day: Phil Koop: Avik Roy's Damascene Conversion:

I agree that Roy's Damascene conversion is more than a little precious. But...

...you have disregarded the sting in tail of Beauchamp's piece:

...not one of these [conservative intellectuals], smart as they are, has been able to explain what actual political constituency could bring about this pure conservatism in practice.

This is an acute observation. Unfortunately, he goes on to spoil the effect by claiming that Roy's brand of conservatism is a "natural fit" for white people, but that is plainly wrong: if conservatism were a natural fit for white people, they would not need to be bribed with white nationalism to support it. The problem that Roy has yet to come to terms with is that his "political philosophy" is inimical to human beings as they are currently constituted. It is not possible to find a significant constituency to support it except by yoking it to some other, more popular program.

If not white nationalism, then what will that program be?