Procrastinating on July 30, 2016

Live from America's Better Self: Harold Pollack: Khizr Khan: “You Have Sacrificed Nothing”:

Khan’s genuine anger.... In every way, the Khan family is the antithesis of Trump’s snarling rhetoric....

That family’s life experience puts the lie to the anti-immigrant demagoguery bubbling over this election year. And like Joseph McCarthy, Donald Trump didn’t seem to comprehend what was at stake, or the conclusions millions of us will draw about him as a person from this exchange. Instead, Trump confirmed every item in Khan’s indictment with his own, nearly impossibly boorish and tone-deaf response.

When Maureen Dowd asked him about Khan’s comments, here is Trump’s response: “I’d like to hear his wife say something.” For the record, Mrs. Khan has said that she becomes quite emotional when discussing her deceased son. But she has thanked America for “listening to my husband’s and my heart.”