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For the Weekend: Wye Oak Covers Kate Bush: "Running Up That Hill"

Live from the Republicans' Self-Made Gehenna: Josh Barro: Khizr Khan's Speech Was Telling about the US:

I am angry at Donald Trump, and I am angry at the people who voted for him. But most of all...

...I am angry at the senior Republicans who are standing by and acting as if this is fine — endorsing him in the belief that he will lose but that standing together will stem the loss of congressional seats, or endorsing him in the hope that he will grow up if he wins.

I genuinely thought mainstream Republican leaders knew better, that they understood there are matters more important than fiscal policy, and that if a candidate were terrible enough, they would reach a point at which they realized their responsibilities to their country exceeded those to their political party.

I did not expect people like House Speaker Paul Ryan to behave so indecently as to line up behind this hateful man, who does not even agree with them on public policy. I was naive, and I am sad, because it means we have a less durable democracy than I thought.