Monday Smackdown: James Pethokoukis Needs to Step Up His Game

I am trying to hold myself to one Monday Smackdown a week.


James Pethokoukis can and should do much better work than this.

Kevin Drum: Which Party Platform Is Better For Economic Growth?: "James Pethokoukis is unhappy with the Democratic Party platform:

Other than more government R&D spending, it hasn’t much to say about entrepreneur-focused growth and innovation policy.... Indeed, the very first section... ‘Raise Incomes and Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class.’ And the first item... a call for a $15 minimum wage (despite plenty of skepticism from center-left economists). The next section: ‘Create Good-Paying Jobs.’ And the first item there: infrastructure spending.... boosting productivity and innovation seem secondary even though they are key to rising living standards. At its core, this is a platform about broad-based wealth redistribution, not broad-based wealth creation....

Supporting research, science, and technology seems like a pretty important part of the entrepreneurial agenda.... Stronger antitrust enforcement... is good for entrepreneurs... [and] mak[ing] it easier to start up small businesses. And infrastructure is important for entrepreneurs too.... Also: guaranteed access to health care. The Republican platform is still something of a mystery, but in 2012... lowering taxes; passing a Balanced Budget Amendment; getting back on the gold standard; and letting the unfettered free market handle home mortgages (!)... stuff... [to] crush economic growth for decades.... Anyone who cares about entrepreneurs really ought to prefer the Democratic Party platform to the Republican mess...