Liveblogging the Cold War: August 23, 1946: Eleanor Roosevelt

Liveblogging the American Revolution: August 24, 1778: General Orders,

George Washington: General Orders:

Parole Framingham—C. Signs Fez—France.

Brigade returns of all the horses in each Regiment and by whom kept to be made out immediately and delivered in to the orderly Office by 12 ôClock tomorrow.

The honorable the Congress have been pleased to agree to the following Report of their Committee and to pass the resolution annexed to it:

In Congress August 17th 1778.

The Committee to whom was referred a letter from General Washington of the 28th of July respecting Genl Putnam and the report of the Court of Enquiry on the subject of the Posts in the Highlands of Hudson’s River taken last year which was transmitted to Congress, report:

That upon a careful examination of the Facts stated by the Court of Enquiry & consideration of the Evidence taken and transmitted, it appears that those Posts were lost not from any fault, misconduct or negligence of the Commanding Officers but solely thro’ the want of an adequate Force under their command to maintain & defend them.

Resolved, that Congress agree to the said Report.

At a Brigade Court-Martial in the Corps of Artillery Augt 14th 1778—Lieutt Coll Popkin President, Lieutenant Waters and McNamara were tried for speaking disrespectfully of the Commander in Chief treating Lieutt Hill in a scandalous manner unbecoming the Characters of Gentlemen & raising a Riot, and contemptuous treatment of Coll Harrison after being arrested. After mature deliberation the Court are of opinion that Lieutenant Waters is guilty of treating Mr Hill in a scandalous manner, unbecoming the Character of a Gentleman, but as the provocation from Mr Hill was so considerable and so very apt to produce in Mr Waters the forgetfulness of his Character as a Gentleman and Officer, they view the Crime in some measure palliated & therefore only sentence him to be reprimanded by the Commanding Officer of Artillery in Presence of all the Officers of the Corps.

The General approves the sentence & orders it to take place tomorrow morning at Roll-Call.

The Court find Lieutt McNamara of Colonel Harrison’s Regiment of Artillery guilty of speaking disrespectfully of His Excellency General Washington, treating Lieutt Hill in a scandalous manner, unbecoming the Character of a Gentleman & contemptuous treatment of Coll Harrison after being arrested and unanimously adjudged that he shall be cashiered.

The Commander in Chief is sorry to be under the Necessity of Deciding in a Case of this Nature & would readily remit the sentence against Lieutt McNamara if his behaviour to Colonel Harrison, his Commanding Officer had not been so gross and disorderly as to compel the General to confirm it.

The General Court-Martial whereof Major General Lincoln is President will sit tomorrow at the time and Place mentioned in yesterdays orders—Members the same, except Coll Wyllys vice Coll Cortland who is absent on Command.