Grifters Gotta Grift...: Trump Campaign "Executive Members" Edition

Live from Journamalism Central: Just your reminder that there is something very wrong with anybody who pays money to The Washington Post:

Ten Grain: “Some Say,” Some Said (Part Infinity):

And so once again, Stephen Shepherd, the brave hallway monitor at TIGER BEAT ON THE POTOMAC (thanks Charlie!), prepares for us a round-up of what Susie said about Johnny what unnamed sources are saying about the Trump scam-paign resuffle, and then for balance what BOTH SIDES are saying about The Clinton Foundation (because: BOTH SIDES!):

  • said one New Hampshire Republican
  • nearly a half-dozen GOP insiders compared
  • a Virginia Republican made a similar analogy
  • a slight plurality of Republicans, 37 percent, said
  • said an Iowa Republican
  • a Florida Republican added
  • North Carolina Republican called
  • thers were more critical
  • a Virginia Republican said
  • insiders said the moves
  • said an Ohio Republican
  • two-thirds of insiders in the swing states said
  • a narrow majority, 56 percent, point to
  • they see
  • Democrats almost uniformly praised
  • said a Florida Democrat
  • added a Nevada Democrat
  • the slim majority of Democrats who want to see
  • said a Colorado Democrat
  • added a New Hampshire Democrat
  • 93 percent said
  • said a Michigan Republican
  • added an Iowa Republican
  • said a Michigan Republican

As always, we demand the return of gossip monger KATIE GLUECK, who had real panache and a better thesaurus for this assignment, and who could present unnamed, unsourced innuendo and gossip with elan and style.