Procrastinating on August 23, 2016
Liveblogging the Cold War: August 21, 1946: The Marshall Mission to China

Live from Trumpland: Josh Marshall: Turtles and BS All The Way Down:

The Trump camp, trying to right its ship, has now found itself either embracing President Obama's deportation policy or claiming that they're now just starting to deciding what their policy should be...

It's hilarious. And it's important as citizens and Americans that we laugh at their nonsense. But we should also keep in mind the following point:

There is fundamentally no there there.... Policy can be analyzed, evaluated, critiqued, changed. But the Trump campaign and really Trump himself only have phrases and impulses and grievances all strung together by sinews of derp. The only things that are actually rooted in the ground are repeated, declarative statements: like: 11 million people deported in 18 to 24 months. Until Trump says that's not true, won't happen, was never true, there's no pivot. But let's remember that at root this is all just impulse, nonsense, calculated aggression and sales pitch. That doesn't mean it wouldn't happen if Trump were elected. But there's no policy here. Just talk, sales pitch and calculated aggression.