Must-Read: Aaron Carroll: Helpless to Prevent Cancer? Actually, Quite a Bit Is in Your Control:

Of the nearly 90,000 women and more than 46,000 men, 16,531 women and 11,731 men fell into the low-risk group....

Over all... Minyang Song and Edward Giovannucci found 25 percent of cancer in women and 33 percent in men was potentially preventable. Close to half of all cancer deaths might be prevented as well. No study is perfect, and this is no exception. These cohorts are overwhelmingly white and consist of health professionals.... This also isn’t a randomized controlled trial, and we can certainly argue that it doesn’t prove causation.... “Low risk” status required all four healthy lifestyles... never having smoked or having quit at least five years ago... no more than one drink a day on average for women, and no more than two for men... a B.M.I. of at least 18.5 and no more than 27.5... 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity.... I was surprised to realize that I’m already “low risk.” I bet many people reading this are “low risk,” too.