Let's Get Even More Depressed About Cuba: Hoisted from the Archives

The Wayback Machine: From Ten Years Ago: August 10-August 16, 2006

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  • 2006-10-16: Ah. The New Republic...: It writes: "A defense of Ann Coulter: Weenie Roast. by Elspeth Reeve". As I have said, anyone writing for the New Republic who wants to have any reputation with the reality-based community. Any reputation at all. Needs to bail. Last week.
  • 2006-10-13: Hoisted from Comments: Billmon Calls for Fire and Sword: Apropos of "Robert Waldmann Politely Says He Thinks I Have Got the Carrot/Stick Balance Wrong....", Billmon... announces that he isn't interested in using carrots and sticks on the Washington Post, he is interested in using fire and sword...
  • 2016-10-12: Tenth SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg": Guenter Grass says that he was just following orders.... "For me... the Waffen-SS [in which I served] was nothing frightful but rather an elite unit that they sent where things were hot and which, as people said about it, had the heaviest losses." While it is certainly true that most members of the Waffen-SS did not directly commit war crimes, it is also true that members of the Waffen-SS who were asked to do so appear to have done so enthusiastically. You know, I got considerable flack for writing that there was something sinister and fascist-smelling about Guenter Grass's declaration that the elected representatives of the people in the Bundestag did not, even though they had been elected by the people to represent them, represent the people--but were instead servants of "the banks and multinational corporations." But there is something sinister and fascist-smelling about repeating today this classic fascist talking point about the cretinism of parliaments. And there is something more than sinister and more than fascist-smelling about the ability of an ex-member of Heinrich Himmler's Waffen-SS to write 2,191 words about the Nazi Third Reich without using the word "Jew."