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Comment of the Day: LosGatosCA: bin Laden:

"I don't know whether George W. Bush genuinely did not understand that Osama bin Laden could do this and survive was genuinely offensive, and worth spending a lot of resources to prevent, or whether he did understand it but just thought the Washington press corps he faced was really stupid." First, he didn't care about bin laden...

...they were already focused on Iraq on 9/12/2001. Second, he needed to keep the American public stoked on revenge but wanted it redirected toward Saddam. The cabal knew that the minute Osama was captured or killed the Iraq gambit was off the table, the public would not support Iraq after the al Qaeda leader was dealt with. Third, in their massive overestimation of their strategic and tactical capabilities the cabal thought they would deal with Iraq quickly and then return to get bin Ladin and by Nov, 2004 everything would be taken care of. But we now know they never could get out of Iraq and pivot back to bin Ladin.

The Bush admin much more than most shows how far a US admin can go in completely subverting the will of the American public in the most cynical way possible. The only agenda they followed was their own, the only sequence that mattered was the one that got them to Iraq. Everything else was noise.