Links for the Week of September 4, 2016

Hoisted from the Archives from Nine Years Ago: Monday Smackdown: New York Times and Tobin Harshaw Global Warming Denialism

Hey! New York Times! Why don't you take some of those journamalistic resources desperately writing misleading articles about Donald Trump's pivot and do a deep dive explaining to us how this happened?

RealClimate Gives the "New York Times's" Tobin Harshaw the Coveted "Worst Journalist" Award: Gavin at RealClimate writes:

1934 and all that: However, there is clearly a latent and deeply felt wish in some sectors for the whole problem of global warming to be reduced to a statistical quirk or a mistake...

This led to some truly death-defying leaping to conclusions when this issue hit the blogosphere. One of the worst examples (but there are others) was the 'Opinionator' at the New York Times (oh dear). He managed to confuse the global means with the continental US numbers, he made up a story about McIntyre having 'always puzzled about some gaps' (what?) , declared the the error had 'played havoc' with the numbers, and quoted another blogger saying that the 'astounding' numbers had been 'silently released'.

None of these statements are true.

Among other incorrect stories going around are that the mistake was due to a Y2K bug or that this had something to do with photographing weather stations.

Again, simply false.

Data GISS GISS Surface Temperature Analysis Analysis Graphs and Plots

ESRL Global Monitoring Division Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network

Shame on you, New York Times, for ever employing this guy. Shame on you, John Micklethwaite and Bloomberg View, for now holding him out to us as some sort of expert on "national security, education and food."