Liveblogging Postwar: September 25, 1946: By-Laws of the IMF

Live from the Journamalists' Self-Made Gehnna: Paul Campos**: Take the skinheads bowling:

Presidential candidate debates are kind of ridiculous under normal circumstances...

...but under these circumstances you can change “kind of ridiculous” to “surreal beyond the literary powers of James Joyce on LSD to describe adequately.” I mean how do you “debate” somebody who doesn’t know anything about anything, who simply makes up whatever he feels like saying at the moment, and who is therefore essentially doing a kind of stand-up routine version of authoritarian ethno-nationalism?... We might as well decide some question of potentially existential significance via a bowling contest, except the winner will be determined by whoever Maureen Dowd thinks looks like a better bowler, as opposed to counting how many pins get knocked down.