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Procrastinating on September 30, 2016

Live from the Republicans' Self-Made Gehenna:

George H.W. Bush: Voting for Hillary #I'mWithHer: not a moron.

George P. Bush: Not just voting for but working for Trump: a moron.

George W. Bush: Lied us into a stupid and destructive war: a moron.

But it is Jeb Bush who looks to be: the biggest moron:

Kristin Salaky: Jeb Bush Thinks It Would Be 'Powerful' Statement If Nobody Voted This Year:

Bush said that he's "at peace" with his decision on who to vote for, even though he refused to disclose who that would be. He did say that it would not be Clinton or Trump...

Refusing to take a stand on an important decision.

When reporters asked what would happen if everyone followed his lead, Bush took it a step further. "Well, if everybody didn't vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement, wouldn't it?" Bush said...

Yes: it would be a statement that 240 years of the American Republic is at an end, wouldn't it?

Some outlets reported that Bush was privately supporting Johnson, and The New York Daily News reported he'd hinted at his support for Johnson publicly at a Manhattan Institute event this week, mouthing the Libertarian's name to someone who said he didn't want to vote for either Trump or Clinton. Bush denied that report, though. "I don't think so," Bush said when reporters asked if he had done that, according to CNN...

That's some non-denial denial we have here!

He also addressed a previous report that his father, former President George H.W. Bush, was going to support Clinton, saying that he found it "inappropriate" that someone would repeat what his "frail" father said at a private event...

George H.W. Bush--a lot smarter and wiser than JEB!!--shouldn't tell people who he is voting for? And people to whom George H.W. Bush has said smart things shouldn't repeat them to others? A very strange idea of "inappropriate" we have here...