Monday Smackdown: Yet Another Washington Post Edition--This Time It's Katie Zezima
Today's Trump Talking Point: Is Trump in Any Sense a Normal Person, or Candidate? No.

Live from Trumpland: Veiled calls for the assassination of the opposing party's candidate are not, typically, part of American politics. As Benjamin Franklin reportedly said: we have "a republic, if you can keep it". Those working to elect Trump right now either out of anger, cynical calculation, or fear are not helping us keep it:

Trump urges secret service to stop protecting Clinton FT com

Demetri Sevastopulo

The New York mogul's suggestion about the Secret Service, which provides hundreds of agents to protect both candidates, came at the end of a day when he duped the media with a bizarre press event during which he tried to paper over his involvement in propelling a conspiracy about President Barack Obama....

His remarks were immediately dismissed as pure fantasy, since Mr Trump has spent the past five years building a political base on the argument that Mr Obama was actually not an American.... Mr Trump has in recent years used the “birther” issue to help propel himself into the political arena, in a move that paved the way for the launch of his presidential campaign last year....

The surreal scene at the Trump International Hotel... underscored how easily the former star of The Apprentice generates television coverage... Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia politics expert, said the mainstream media, which has benefited from higher ratings because of Mr Trump, had to decide whether to keep facilitating a “con game” including the Friday event.

“Are they going to continue with false equivalency in covering Trump and Clinton? Or will they devote more time and effort to analysing and publicising Trump’s falsehoods?” he said. “The United States might be on the verge of electing a man to the presidency who has led a crackpot movement to delegitimise every action taken by President Obama. Trump is the last public person to realise his birther movement was a disgrace of historic proportions.”