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Liveblogging Postwar: September 12, 1946: Henry Wallace

Liveblogging Postwar: September 11, 1946: The Truculent Turtle

38 September 11 1946 A Lockheed P2 V 1 Neptune The Truculent Turtle sets a new distance record of 11 235 miles 18 082 km Landing in Columbus O Pinterest

September 11, 1946:

September 11, 1946: A Lockheed P2 V-1 Neptune “The Truculent Turtle” sets a new distance record of 11,235 miles (18,082 km), Landing in Columbus, Ohio from Perth, Australia, after a 55 h and 18 min unrefueled flight and with a nine-month-old gray kangaroo, a gift from Australia for the Washington, D. C. zoo.