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Liveblogging Postwar: September 15, 1946: Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess W. Truman

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess W. Truman_:

[The White House] September 15, 1946

Dear Bess:

Well it is a beautiful Sunday morning and I slept until six-thirty after going to bed at two. I was intending to go up to the mountain Friday but it turned so cold I was sure it would be uncomfortable.

And then between maritime strikes, Henry Wallace's fiasco, and a vicious effort to cause an open break between Hannegan and Snyder by Pearson I thought here was the best place for me. This place gets more and more uncomfortable. It seems that no one can be trusted any more to deal squarely with facts as they are. Wallace now seems to have his eye on 1948. Hannegan is acting like a ten-year-old child and of course Byrnes has the pouts.

Jim Mead came to see me about the New York campaign and then shot off his mouth as he went out the front door. The Jews and crackpots seem to be ready to go for Dewey. If they do, Jim's beaten and so he has to grasp at straws. There is no solution for the Jewish problem and I fear the crackpots would turn the country over to Stalin if they had half a chance.

LaGuardia came in and said he'd seen Stalin and he looked well. He went out the front door and said he'd support Lehman but not Mead. I suppose it will be this way until the election and then in all probability get worse. So I'll have to stand it. I've been through the toughest time in our history and I guess I can stand some more.

We had a nice dinner last night and then a right good game of chance. It is a most agreeable crowd and I think they all enjoyed it. I did and it was a relief from the headlines. Hope you're having a nice time and that your weather is as good as it is here.

Kiss my baby and lots of love to you, Harry.