Liveblogging Postwar: September 26, 1946: Eleanor Roosevelt

Liveblogging Postwar: September 25, 1946: By-Laws of the IMF

By-Laws Rules and Regulations of the International Monetary Fund:


A-1.These Rules and Regulations supplement the Articles of Agreement and the By-Laws adopted by the Board of Governors. They are not intended to replace any provision of either the Articles or the By-Laws. The Rules and Regulations provide such operating rules, procedures, regulations, and interpretation as are necessary and desirable to carry out the purposes and powers contained in the Articles, as supplemented by the By-Laws. If any provision in the Rules and Regulations is found to be in conflict with any provision in the Articles or in the By-Laws, the Articles and By-Laws shall prevail and an appropriate amendment shall be made to these Rules and Regulations. Adopted September 25, 1946, amended April 1, 1978

A-2. Additions to, and changes of, the Rules and Regulations will be made as experience brings to light new problems or suggests modifications in procedures already adopted. Adopted September 25, 1946