Liveblogging the American Revolution: September 27, 1778: Baylor Massacre
Procrastinating on September 28, 2016

Liveblogging the American Revolution: September 28, 1778: Massacre Averted

Todd Braisted: Massacre Averted: How two British Soldiers saved 350 American Lives:

An officer in Lord Cornwallis’ column wrote that “The 71st Regt. & Simcoe’s Corps cross’d the north river last night and appear’d at Tapawn soon after we arrived there but met with nothing in their way.” Colonel Cooper and his men were gone.

What prompted the militia’s hasty withdrawal from Tappan?  Lord Cornwallis’ column started off from Liberty Pole, northward up the Closter Road, through modern day Tenafly, Demarest, Closter, Norwood and Rockleigh, 2,500 men composed of the 1st Battalion Grenadiers, Brigade of Guards, 37th Regiment and 42nd Highlanders. Some of the finest troops of the British Army were advancing quietly in the night, led by one of their best generals. The militia would be no match for them. Except that two of these British soldiers, for reasons known only to themselves, slipped away in the night and made all haste to Tappan.... The deserters, McCarny and Motisher, disappear into history after their life-saving act...