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Liveblogging the American Revolution: September 8, 1778: General Orders,

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George Washington: General Orders:

Head-Quarters W. Plains Tuesday Septr 8th 1778.

Parole Oakingham—C. Signs Orton Onslow.

The Colonels and Commanding Officers of Corps are to cause Company rolls to be made out with all possible expedition, comprehending the names of their men actually in the Field, on Command and in hospitals and particularly noting the time for which they are engaged to serve—These rolls are to be regimentally bound up and delivered to the Brigadiers or officers commanding Brigades who are to transmit them to Head-Quarters as soon as they have obtain’d full returns of their respective Commands.

The General expects that there will be the most pointed and expeditious compliance with this order.

His Excellency the Commander in Chief is pleased to accept the following report of the Court of Enquiry whereof Coll Marshall was President:

It is the opinion of the Court that Lieutt Selden throughout the whole of his Conduct towards Commissionary Kean was uniform—That the Conversation relative to Sword and Pistol did not amo[u]nt to a Challenge; And as the Commissary was indulged to stay in the same Apartment with the Officer of the Guard or to go any where within his sentries that there appears nothing unjustifiable in the Conduct of Lieutt Seldon. Likewise by consent of Coll Davis & Doctor Brown it is published, “That the Muster in which the Doctor was mentioned as superceded was founded upon a mistaken Supposition of Facts, and that he was not actually superceded.”