(Early) Monday Smackdown: David Glasner on the Ignorance of Macroeconomists Who Say "All Models Are False" in Self-Justification

Monday Smackdown: Economists for Trump Not Even Phoning It in Department...

Live from Trumpland: Various twits are telling me that the Economists for Trump--Eugene Fama in the lead, with June O'Neill, Richard Vedder, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, David Malpass, James Miller III, Steve Moore, and a half-dozen or so others--are not for Trump, but rather "Concerned by Hillary Clinton's Economic Agenda".

Here's how they say you can reach them:

FW Economists Concerned by Hillary Clinton s Economic Agenda brad delong gmail com Gmail

Here's 725 Fifth Avenue:

Trump Google Maps

In no bullshit level too much for these people?