How Seriously Should We Take the New Keynesian Model?

Comment of the Day: Joe: Raise the Level of the Debate! in reply to Altoid:

Hey, that's me! Mid-50's, all-white high-school yearbook, still live in the same town, now 6 languages spoken within two blocks of my house.

Where I differ from the xenophobes is I remember that the pre-immigration service economy sucked. Plumbers wouldn't show up, car repairs always took 2 or 3 trips to the mechanic, doctors made you wait weeks and then didn't help...

Now if I need a plumber, a guy who looks like he stepped out of a Mayan temple inscription shows up on time and does the job right. The mechanic doesn't speak English, but these days I wouldn't know what he was saying if he did. My doctor is a Vietnamese man with a Pancho Villa mustache who fixes what's wrong right away. Life is just better now.

TL;DR: I'll see your Springsteen and raise you Frank Zappa's Flakes.