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Liveblogging Postwar: October 13, 1946: Germany

=Postwar Germany: Letter from October 13, 1946:

Dear Father Loens !

Let me begin with apologizing to you, in case I may have hurt you in any way in my previous letter. This certainly was not my intention. Perhaps it was a reaction, after all those years in which one had to hold back his/her opinion and in which one had to swallow everything, and as I was accustomed to be frank in conversations with you, and as I knew that you expected such frankness from me, my words may have read more critical as I had intended.

So now I ask you not to think wrongly of me and to treat me as a younger comrade, a comrade grateful to you for everything good you have done for him. - Your daughter Elizabeth wrote me; she reported what has happened to you lately.

Not many pleasant experiences, but I hope that tour house will not be harmed by the occupation. I have thought that you, in Warendorf, would be far from the centers of action, but it seems that the remote smaller cities - because still intact - exert attraction.

I believe, that now, with the first wave of married soldiers having passed, the situation will calm down. I was distressed to hear that your health has deteriorated. One reaches an age, myself included, when the body does not function as well as the mind wants it to. The surgery I had early in 1943 was a wake up call. I hope you recover, to experience 'year ends' - do you still remember ? in quiet.

Your children all have grown up and have lived up to your expectations. I agree, the world has not given us much to enjoy, except for good deeds done within the circle of one's family.

Let me close in the feeling that I still am counted in the circle of your good acquantances. In this sentiment I greet you heartily, dear Mr. Loens, and hope to receive better news soon.

Your old A.L.

Do you still smoke your pipe ?