Liveblogging Postwar: October 17, 1946: Eleanor Roosevelt,
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Liveblogging the American Revolution: October 18, 1778: George Washington to James Clinton

George Washington: To James Clinton: "To BRIGADIER GENERAL JAMES CLINTON. Head Quarters, Fredericksburg, October 18, 1778. Sir:

With the Money you have drawn from the Pay Master General you will use your best endeavours to inlist the Drafts from the State of New York to serve for three Years or during the War.

To facilitate the inlistments you will put the Money into the hands of such Officers as you may judge proper for the occasion. Each draft inlisting for three years or during the War is to be paid a bounty of twenty dollars. Besides this he will receive the usual allowance of Cloathing and Land.

Where the inlistment is for three years hence to commence from the expirations of the time of service for which the party inlisting stands now engaged. You or the Officers appointed by you are not to inlist the drafts of any States but your own.

The names of the Men who inlist, the times when and the terms for which they engage whether for three years or during the War are all to be particularly noted and set down, that there may not be any disputes or mistakes respecting the same.

I am, etc.