The Three Ways in Which the Post-Korean War Federal Reserve Reacts to/Leads Large Increases in the Unemployment Rate
Procrastinating on October 20, 2016

Olivia Nuzzi: Kathleen Willey Is #ForeverTrump: "Of all of Clinton’s accusers, Willey has the distinction of making the most outlandish claims... (Live from the Republicans Self-Made Gehenna)

...That ol’ Bubba is a sexual predator has never felt like all that much of a stretch, but a conversation with Willey, I learned Monday, features casual references to “henchmen” and “secret police” who she believes “do all of her dirty work,” her being Hillary Clinton. Willey... accus[es] those henchmen of killing her cat, trying to kidnap her dogs, threatening her children--even a son she told me she had to put up for adoption when she was a young woman--and stabbing three of her car tires with a nail gun.

She also appears to be an unreliable narrator.... She told me she hadn’t been interviewed by Roger Stone, Trump’s former aide, for his book The Clintons’ War on Women.... “He didn’t interview me for that book which actually shocked me,” she said.... Later, when I went back to my copy of the book while writing this story, I realized she actually wrote the book’s foreword. A subsequent call placed to Willey for an explanation was not answered. Stone did not immediately respond to a request for clarification...