Comment of the Day: J.E. D'Ulisse: Weekend Reading: Thoukydides: The Mytilenean Debate (427 B.C.): "Back in 2005, I remember sitting in bars in Rome with my Italian friends and discussing what was going on in the USA...

...Several times we spoke of September 11th as the American The Mytilenean moment. It was a good analogy in that Italians have a great grasp of the classics and knew what I was talking about. So much so that one of them slapped me down by saying:

But J, the Athenians pulled back from their atrocities, and how many have died in Iraq? And in Afghanistan?

Again I am on the opposite side of Thoukydides on this. It was the democracy that stopped the atrocity and the lack of democracy that lead to the atrocities in Iraq, and the broader War on Terror.