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Election Day

LInks for the Week of November 6, 2016

Most-Recent Must-Reads:

  • Paul Krugman (2013): Phantom Crises: "Simon Wren-Lewis is puzzled by a Ken Rogoff column that sorta-kinda defends Cameron’s austerity policies...
  • Paul Krugman (2008): The Rogoff Doctrine: "Ken Rogoff is one of the world’s best macroeconomists. But...
  • Kenneth Rogoff: [The Fear Factor in Global Markets by][]: "Some say that governments did not do enough to stoke demand.... That is true... [but] not the whole story...
  • Richard Mayhew: County Level Inequities in the ACA: "Health wonks like to say that the ACA is not a single program but fifty-one programs... works well in some states (California) and poorly in others (Arizona) and muddles through in most...
  • FT: The Prevailing Case for Caution by Central Banks: "The US Federal Reserve signalled a high likelihood that interest rates will be raised when it meets next in December...

Most-Recent Links:

  • Simon Wren-Lewis (2013): Ken Rogoff on UK austerity
  • Ken Rogoff (2013): [Britain should not take its credit status for granted][]
  • Paul Krugman (2013): Phantom Crises
  • 2013: Kenneth Rogoff's Hooverismo… Matthew Klein (2013): [Ken Rogoff's Latest Bad Argument for Austerity][]
  • Paul Krugman (2008): The Rogoff doctrine
  • Stephanie Lo and Ken Rogoff (2015): [Secular stagnation, debt overhang and other rationales for sluggish growth, six years on][]

MOAR Must-Reads:

MOAR Links:

A more accurate world map wins prestigious design award Boing Boing

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In 22 States a Wave of New Voting Restrictions Threatens to Shift Outcomes in Tight Races

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