Will the U.S. Economy Boom Over the Next Four Years?

Must-Read: On one level, simply do not panic: Obama12 52.9%, Obama08 51.0%, Bush04 50.7%, Gore00 48.4%, Kerry04 48.3%, Clinton16 48.0%, Bush00 47.9%, Romney12 47.2%, Trump16 46.2%, McCain08 45.7%. This is the same country with the same activated political coalitions we have seen since 2000. Trump and social media have simply given the Republican Id the excuse to speak its mind. Would the Republican Id be less upset if middle-class income growth had been stronger over the past ten years? Well, middle-class income growth was strong from 1990-2000 thanks to the Clinton boom. How did that work?

Kevin Drum: It's Time To Bury "Economic Anxiety" Once and For All: "If you insist on continuing to look at this year's election through an economic lens...

...you'll never figure out what's going on.... Middle-class incomes have been pretty stagnant....But it's not as if this only affected whites while blacks and Hispanics have been kicking a--.... It's cultural, not economic.... It's about not being the boss anymore.... Let's not keep looking around the economic lamppost just because the light is better there.