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Paul Ryan's Choice

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Paul Ryan had a choice: he could have shaped his future political career as the sensible Republican Speaker who had moderated Democratic policy initiatives and made Washington work. Or he could have shaped his future career as another raving loony nutcase who strove to the last to try to make Donald Trump President, get caught between the millstones of the Teabaggers to his right and deserting moderate ex-Republicans and the demographics to his left, and be ground to dust.

Paul Ryan has chosen:

Paul Ryan: The Choice Facing America: "Hillary Clinton... has offered no new ideas...

...For her, the driving force is the government... and the bureaucracy is filled with unelected insiders who decide what is best for us on their whim, not our consent. It is as arrogant, condescending and paternalistic as it gets. This is how Clinton can so casually classify whole groups of people as "deplorables."...

Go to better.gop and take a look at what a unified Republican government can get you. And then vote Republican--Donald Trump, our Senate candidates and our House candidates--so we can start turning things around. If Republicans do not turn out--if we sit this one out -- we will open the door not just to Hillary Clinton but also a Democratic Congress eager to give her a blank check. That's what we get if we don't win: more scandal, and more of the same. Choose a better way. Vote Republican.