Let Us Dispel with the Fictions That Trump Has Nothing to Do with Conservatism and That Trump's Republican Party Is Not an Existential Threat to America

People like Ari Fleischer are why the Republicans are in their self-made Trump hell--and have dragged the rest of us in here with them:

Kyle Cheney: @kyledcheney: "Five weeks ago, Ari was featured in a Trump press release announcing the "Bush Alumni Coalition" for Trump."

Katie Glueck: _@katieglueck: ".@arifleischer, one of the most prominent Bush admin alums to back Trump, has now decided he can't vote for him..."

Kaili Joy Gray: @KailiJoy: "TLDR Ari Fleischer: I'm not voting for president because I'm a coward who doesn't want to save this country"