How Schizo Is Ms. Market These Days?
Yes, the Washington Press Corps Has Already Taken and Will Continue to Take Another Dive in Its Coverage of Trump. Why Do You Ask?

Procrastinating on November 29, 2016

Preview of Procrastinating on November 29 2016

Over at Equitable Growth: Must- and Should-Reads:

Interesting Reads:

  • Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser: Income Inequality
  • Norman Ornstein: @NormOrnstein: "I threw a grenade into my own house. I hope it doesn't go off!" Trip Gabriel: "FL woman with Crohn's disease who voted for Trump relys on Obamacare. 'I hope it stays the same'"
  • Become a Better Investor: [Top 5 Bloggers 2016][]: "The Reformed Broker Josh Brown... The Irrelevant Investor Michael Batnick... Vintage Value Investing with John Szramiak... The Collaborative Fool Morgan Housel... A Wealth of Common Sense from Ben Carlson..."

And Over Here:

  • How Schizo Is Ms. Market These Days?
  • Should-Read: Ian Dunt: Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?: Everything You Need to Know about Britain's Divorce from Europe: "Britain's departure from the European Union is filled with propaganda, myth, and half- truth--but the risks are very real...
  • Must-Read: Nancy Folbre: Does the One Percent Deserve What It Gets?: "Years of schooling in neoclassical economic theories predispose [economists] to the view that perfectly competitive markets yield equitable as well as efficient outcomes...
  • Comment of the Day: John Hulls: When Is Responsible Democratic Governance Possible? The Classical View: Never: "I think that Aristophanes is far more relevant with his 'Acharnians'...

You Might Look at:

  • Thomas Jones (2002): Aristophanes: "A new edition of Aristophanes’ Acharnians, by S. Douglas Olson...
  • Matthew Yglesias: @mattyglesias: "Watch out for fake news!" Zeynep Tufekci: "Pre-election from NYT, WaPo & Politico: Clinton email server (first) outnumbered Trump conflict-of-interest stories five to one:1372 vs 279..."
  • Wikipedia: Aztlán
  • Farai Chideya: The Call-to-Whiteness

Perhaps Worth Reading...