How Schizo Is Ms. Market These Days?

Should-Read: Ian Dunt: Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?: Everything You Need to Know about Britain's Divorce from Europe: "Britain's departure from the European Union is filled with propaganda, myth, and half- truth--but the risks are very real...

...Mishandling Brexit could lower our global status, diminish our quality of life, and throw our legal system into turmoil.... Ian Dunt... explains • why leaving the EU is set to make us permanently poorer • how cutting immigration will affect wages and taxes • why leading industries like farming, pharmaceuticals and finance will struggle to function • whether the biggest constitutional change in post-war history will break up the UK This is the first full public exploration of Brexit, shorn of the wishful thinking of its supporters in Parliament and the media... a portrait of a country about to undergo a period of self-inflicted isolation.