For the Clowns Craving a Castro Running Loose This Morning: "A Vast Bureaucratic Incompetence...Has Forced Fidel Castro..., to Involve Himself Personally in... How Bread Is Made..."
Good Riddance to Fidel Castro!: Hoisted from 2008

To All You Halfwits Hailing a Hitler, Stooges Searching for a Stalin, Morons Marching for a Mussolini, Clowns Craving a Castro...

Ana Navarro: @ananavarro: "Why Miami celebrating? Ppl like my friend, Claudia Puig. Her dad killed by a Castro firing squad. Her uncle was a political prisoner 25 yrs."

Sean Carroll: @seanmcarroll: “'Universal health care' and 'other countries were worse' don’t make Castro worth celebrating. Repressive dictatorships are bad."

manu saadia: @trekonomics: "Today's @lemondefr is on point:"

Manu saadia 🖖 on Twitter Today s lemondefr is on point https t co eXkNcfTD75

Adrian Monck: @amonck: "Channelling Public Enemy on Elvis:"

Stefan Leifert: @StefanLeifert: "Jean-Claude Juncker: 'With the death of Fidel Castro, the world has lost a man who was a hero for many'."

Cicero, for Canada: @CdnCicero: "@delong @ModeledBehavior Castro wasn't perfect but he was no Pinochet!!"

J. Bradford DeLong: @delong2: .@CdnCicero @ModeledBehavior One was a brutal dictator who imposed a failed & false dystopia on a people who didn't want it. & the other?

Modeled Behavior: @ModeledBehavior: "An old post from @delong arguing with Castro defending liberals"

J. Bradford DeLong: @delong: I had thought liberals--classical & modern--privileged democracy elections & hence were not Castro (or Pinochet) defendrs?

Tomos Doran: @portraitinflesh: "Fidel Castro was a dictator who impoverished and brutalised his own people for decades. No left worth the name should celebrate his legacy."

David Frum: @davidfrum: "Castro was also a calamitous economic manager. Cuba did not again catch up to 1958 levels of output until mid-1970s"

"Cuba tumbled from among richest Latin American countries in 1958 to among poorest today"