Procrastinating on November 8, 2016

Why does this come as a surprise to Bret Stephens? The distance between Sarah Palin and Rick Perry on the one hand and Donald Trump on the other is not that large: (Live from the Republicans' Self-Made Trump Hell)

Bret Stephens: 2016’s Big Reveal: "The awful election of 2016... was the Big Reveal... the guiding spirit of the modern conservative movement is neither Burke nor Lincoln...

...It’s Marx. “These are my principles,” Groucho once cracked, “and if you don’t like them, well, I have others.”... As for conservative thought leaders, the book that comes to mind is Julien Benda’s... “Treason of the Intellectuals”... thinkers... specializ[ing] in “the intellectual organization of political hatreds,” the “desire to abase the values of knowledge before the values of action,” and above all “the cult of success,” based on “the teaching that says that when a will is successful that fact alone gives it a moral value....” Conservative thinkers... are busy devising ever-more elaborate excuses for the Republican nominee.... have proved incapable of self-examination or even simple observation. Donald Trump is a demagogue. Period.... George Orwell said that “to see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” The Big Reveal of 2016 is that most conservatives failed the Orwell test. On Tuesday we’ll learn if American voters can do better.