Hoisted from the Archives from Five Years Ago: "Ricardian Equivalence" Is a Claim That Tax Cuts Are Ineffective Stimulus, Not That Spending Increases Are

Links for the Week of December 25, 2016

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  • Paul Krugman: Will Fiscal Policy Really Be Expansionary?: "It’s now generally accepted that Trumpism will finally involve the kind of fiscal stimulus progressive economists have been pleading for... (M)
  • Tim Duy: Fed Turns Hawkish: "The FOMC raised the... federal funds rate by 25bp today, as expected... (Tu)
  • Ben Thompson: Reconsidering Uber: "Part 2 is far better, and in many respects redeems the series... (Tu)
  • Simon Wren-Lewis: Understanding Free Trade: "There you have, in one calm and measured paragraph, the contradiction at the heart of the argument... (Tu)
  • Martin Wolf: Democrats, Demagogues and Despots: "Fear and rage must not be used as an excuse to destroy America’s core institutions... (W)
  • Dietz Vollrath: Can You Do Historical Counter-Factuals?: "Studying slavery and capitalism, for example, we do not have thousands of different societies or cultures to page through... (Th)
  • Robert Skidelsky: Economists versus the Economy: "Why did [economists] miss the storm?... Queen Elizabeth... asked a group of economists... (F)

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MOAR Should-Reads:

* Matthew Yglesias: Donald Trump’s Trade Team Has Based Their Analysis on a Remarkably Silly Mistake: "Because political life is full of dreary reductive binaries... (W)

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