Discussion Questions on Partha Dasgupta: Macroeconomic History
Discussion Questions on Partha Dasgupta: Science and Technology as Institutions

Discussion Questions on Partha Dasgupta: Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Development

  • Why are we destroying our fisheries?
  • Why are we rapidly using up our atmosphere's capacity to absorb carbon dioxide without substantial increases in temperature?
  • Why is such a large chunk of our population potentially short of fresh water?
  • Why have we been able to successfully capture and use 40% of the photosynthesis on earth without already severely disrupting our planet?
  • How have we managed to become so much more numerous and rich since 1800 without rapidly-rising prices of pretty much all natural resources?

Partha Dasgupta (2007): Economics: A Very Short Introduction http://amzn.to/2gR2jH3