Hoisted from the Archives from Five Years Ago: "Ricardian Equivalence" Is a Claim That Tax Cuts Are Ineffective Stimulus, Not That Spending Increases Are

Should-Read: I prefer Henry Rosovsky's formulation: "I convinced the Japan scholars that I was indispensable because I was an expert economist who would talk to them; and I convinced the economists that I was indispensable because I was an expert Japan scholar who would talk to them":

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...the nature of preindustrial economies, the “transition to capitalism” debate, the Great Divergence, the “first globalisation” (1870-1914), the political economy of development in the Global South, and the resurgence of East Asia. Paul Samuelson reputedly quipped to W. W. Rostow: “Walt, you may be an economist among historians, but you are historian when you are among economists”. But I think this guy‘s [Alvaro la Parro] formulation is less mean: “Too economist to be a historian. Too historian to be an economist”.

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