Was This the Greatest Failure of the Obama Administration?

Comment of the Day: Graydon: Is Innovation in Human Nature?: "Innovation always threatens someone's existing social place and security...

...People, as a statistical mass, hate innovation. Generally they can prevent it to maintain their place. Anybody who has tried to improve how the system works in a large enterprise will be sharply aware of this.

The only general cultural exceptions are environments so marginal that any possible improvement increases everybody's survival chances. (I suspect there is a correlation with the historical role of marcher states.)

Capitalism is a violently coercive ideology that took off because it got started in a long war where the ruling class expected to be obliterated if they lost and then it has progressed just enough to sufficiently enrich the ruling class to keep existing afterward. You need that whole unlikely chain of circumstances, it can only happen once, and the valorization of "creative destruction" and innovation that happened afterwards isn't anything like enough to reconcile people who had stable incomes to their unstable and uncertain and impoverished present.

That's why people vote for Trump; they want to go back to the stable income and expectations. They really don't care if the mechanism was evil or if the overall economy is larger. They want to have some reliable expectation of not starving to death in old age.