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Memories of Past Policy Disasters, and the Likelihood of ACA Repeal

Must-Read: Ah. Memories of 1981, and past administrations that had made big promises but had no clue...

Josh Marshall: Chauncey Trump: "The AMA, which has been rather comically pro-Trump to date, came out today and told Republicans that they shouldn't repeal Obamacare without a clear replacement...

...Notably, even two of the most conservative health care economists at AEI, came out yesterday and said that 'repeal and delay' would be a disaster. The truth is that "repeal and delay" is the policy equivalent of taking off from JFK to Heathrow with 2,000 miles worth of gas and saying you're going to figure it out en route.... This morning President-Elect Trump is out with an ambiguous and possibly meaningless (it's sort of like Being There) series of tweets warning Republicans to "be careful" and make sure that Democrats "own" the "ObamaCare disaster." But... only about a quarter of Americans want Obamacare repealed. A quarter!

The gist of what Republicans are saying this morning - both Trump and the GOP - is that they need to remind Americans how awful the ACA is so they'll have some way to explain, to justify why they're taking health care coverage from 20 to 25 million Americans, to have some explanation for the s%$&storm they're about the fly the country's health care system into.... They simply have no idea what to do and now they're being taunted by Trump not to blow it and he doesn't have any idea either. It would be funny if millions of people's lives and well being weren't on the line.