Reading: Norman Angell (1909): Europe's Optical Illusion, chapters 6-9
Robert Allen (2011): Global Economic History: A Very Short Introduction, Epilogue

Reading: Guillaume Daudin et al.: Globalization 1870-1914

Guillaume Daudin et al.: Globalization 1870-1914 <>

Five Questions:

  1. In what sense was "1870 to 1914... the high water mark of 19th century "globalization?
  2. Was Gilded Age globalization--1870-1914 globalization--primarily about trade of goods, flows of capital investment, migrations of people, or the diffusion of ideas?
  3. What were the major institutional prerequisites necessary to support Gilded Age globalization?
  4. Why were these prerequisites so widespread throughout the world? Or were they?
  5. Was it sustainable, in the sense that the catastrophes started by World War I were unlucky accidents? Or did it contain within itself the seeds of a powerful backlash?