Should-Read: Interesting. But assumes that Theresa May is coherent:

Stephen Bush: Theresa May's Brexit Objectives Are Crystal Clear: "I think the Prime Minister’s getting an rap for inscrutability she doesn’t quite deserve...

...We were told... the government’s Brexit red lines... for Britain to have control over its own borders and to no longer be subject to the judgements of the European Court of Justice. We’ve also been given a fairly big steer... [that] ministers haven’t ruled out... continuing to pay money to the European Union after we’ve left.... It’s crystal clear what not being subject to the free movement of people and leaving the ECJ means: a hard Brexit, with no continuing membership of the single market. And it’s equally clear that the government’s hope is that it can use its status as a major contributor to the EU budget to buy a measure of the access it needs in order to keep the banks sweet and Nissan chugging out cars in Sunderland. Of course, it’s not at all clear that this is a deal that will work.... But... we... have a pretty good idea what it is that the government wants out of Brexit: it’s just that we don’t like it.