Who Will Donald Trump Turn Out To Be?

Should-Read: The Left Coast can neutralize a great deal of what Trump will do, and can do a great deal of good stuff that Trump would never think of doing. And it should:

Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca: Federalism and Progressive Resistance: "With the world’s sixth-largest economy, a population of nearly 40 million that looks like the future of America...

...and a united and responsible Democratic government, California is a model of what progressive federalism can accomplish. It has led the way in expanding rights for women, farmworkers, immigrants, and sexual minorities, among others. Similarly, it has been at the vanguard of environmental protection and efforts to combat climate change – from setting tough standards for energy consumption and auto emissions (adopted as federal law in 2016), to pioneering a carbon-pricing system. Governor Jerry Brown recently promised that if the Trump administration cuts federal funding for satellites needed to collect climate data, California would “launch its own damn satellite.