Procrastinating on March 29, 2017

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: 70 Days in, Trump Is Flailing: "Trump has not found a shortcut for American politics....

...To succeed at a hard job, he has to work hard in ways and at tasks that he has, thus far, shown little aptitude for or interest in. Trump himself may never be a normal president, but the system he leads remains more normal than many expected.... So far, incompetence, not autocracy or even ruthless efficacy, has defined the Trump administration. He has achieved much less than his predecessors... he has done so at great cost to his own popularity... is struggling with the same veto points and limitations... but he is further held back by his own inexperience and undisciplined approach. It is possible Trump will yet recover. But it is also possible he’ll enter a failure loop.... Trump is off to a very bad start.