Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: Steve M.: If You're Using Trump's Campaign Promises to Figure Out What He Might Do, You're Doing It Wrong: "Trump's agenda was never anything more than sucker's bait...

...As a businessman or a politician, Trump doesn't promise what he'd really like to deliver—he promises whatever will reel in the marks. Whatever Trump said during the campaign about Obamacare or Medicare or Medicaid or infrastructure should be taken as seriously as we take Trump University promotional material. As Trump frenemy Mark Cuban said:

He’s like that guy who walks into the bar, and will say whatever it’ll take to get laid. Only in this case he’s not trying to fuck some girl. He’s trying to fuck the country.

You can ask why Trump doesn't just bust the budget and actually try to give people what he promised—after all, it's the government's money, not his. But I think he's so used to shortchanging his buyers (selling them a lousy "university," selling them tasteless steaks) that he can't even imagine delivering on his promises anymore. He's already closed the sale—he can go hold a "campaign" rally anytime he wants and bask in the adulation of a large crowd of deplorables.

But more important, he's in this not for the public, but for himself and for the members of his economic class—making sure that Trump, his family, and his friends get paid is Job #1. And as for the politics of it all, his gang is the right, or at least some portion of it, while his enemies are mostly the left. He learned that from Fox News—it got him to the White House. So no, don't hold your breath waiting for him to reach out to ordinary people.