Procrastinating on March 19, 2017
Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed": Hoisted from the Archives

Must-Read: Time for every state to neutralize all policies of the Trump administration. States that do not are being really stupid:

Nicholas Bagley: The GOP Obamacare replacement would help the rich, hurt the poor and unleash chaos: "Republicans have finally released their long-awaited alternative to the Affordable Care Act...

..a huge tax cut to the wealthy and gut the federal spending that the poor and the middle class depend on for their health insurance.... The Republican bill would undo most of Obamacare’s gains. Bad as that will be for the entire country, it will be especially bad for states like California, where the Affordable Care Act is working well.... The Republican bill would set chaos in motion because it would immediately eliminate the individual mandate... Obamacare wasn’t collapsing — but it could if the Republicans get their way.

California has a shot at preventing that collapse.... The Legislature would have to act.... The California exchange is healthy and, with a substitute mandate in place, the economic picture for the next two years shouldn’t look all that different than it does today.... California and other blue states should take the GOP, and Ryan, at their word — and take matters into their own hands, not in the future, but now.