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Should Read: Martin Longman: Not Even Trump Supports the GOP Healthcare Bill: "President Trump sent White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney down to Capitol Hill...

...A rowdy group of Republicans burst out of the meeting like explorers on a quest for glory. “Burn the ships,” one Republican shouted to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.), invoking the command that Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquistador, gave his men upon landing in Mexico in 1519. The message was clear, to the GOP leaders now and the Spaniards in 1519, there was no turning back....

Among the people who think it was either a mistake to take up a health care bill at all or who think it is a mistake to support this particular bill are:

  • President Trump,
  • his son-in-law [Jared Kushner],
  • his top "strategist" [Steve Bannon], and
  • his National Economic Council director [Gary Cohn].

They’re leaking that they think failure to pass this bill will be a 100% win for the administration. And, yet, they sent their Budget Director down to the Hill last night to tell folks to plunge ahead. No retreat, no surrender! What kind of sucker do you have to be to vote for ChumpCare?

How pissed off would you be if you were a Republican lawmaker who has to decide how to vote on this piece of crap when you have the White House telling you that they’ll go after you if you vote against them and telling the press that they see losing the vote as a 100% win?

You’d have to be a dumb son of a bitch to burn the ships behind you on this vote, especially considering that the bill has the support of about 17% of the people, which is lower even than the Crazification Factor. If you don’t know, the Crazification factor is calculated by looking at how many people preferred Alan Keyes to Barack Obama in the 2004 Illinois Senate race.